Current Projects


Project 1: Arsenic and the Bladder

Critical events in the transformation of human bladder cells by low-level arsenic exposures.

Project 1b: Metals Exposure Study in Homes (MESH)

Better understand the exposures of Dewey-Humboldt, AZ residents to metals.


Project 2: Arsenic Epigenetics

Epigenetic actions of environmental arsenicals.


Project 3: Arsenic and the Lung

Pulmonary response to toxicants in susceptible populations: alterations following in utero and early post-natal exposure.

Project 4: Arsenic Susceptibility

Determinants of individual variability in arsenic cytotoxicity.

Project 5: Arsenic and the Heart

Arsenic effects on cardiovascular development and disease.

Project 6: Chlorinated Solvents

Mass-transfer and mass-flux dynamics of chlorinated solvents in heterogeneous systems.

Project 7: Arsenic Fate

Role of mineral genesis, dissolution, and sorption on arsenic fate in contaminated waste sites.


Project 8: Mine Tailings Dust

Characterization of wind-blown dust from tailings and other mining operations in the Southwest.

Project 9 : Phytostabilization

Phytostabilization of mine tailings in the Southwest: plant-soil-microbe interactions and metal speciation dynamics.


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