Informational Materials

  • The community information sheets below are produced by the UA SRP and the Dean Carter Binational Center for Environmental Health Sciences.

  • Each information sheet is designed to provide community members neighboring contaminated sites and the general public a basic introduction to local environmental contaminants.

  • Click on the title in English or in Spanish to download a PDF or read online - and please consider taking our survey!

Information Sheets

What is TCE?

English:  PDF | Read Online


¿Que es el TCE?

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online

What is Mercury?

English:  PDF



What is Arsenic?

English:  PDF  | Read Online 


¿Que es el arsenico?

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online

What are Mine Tailings?

English:  PDF | Read Online


¿Que son los Jales Mineros?

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online


English:  PDF



Spanish:  PDF

Lead and Our Health

English:  PDF | Read Online


El Plomo y La Salud

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online

Perchlorate and Our Health

English:  PDF  | Read Online 


Perclorato y La Salud

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online

1,4-Dioxane and Our Health

English:  PDF | Read Online


1,4-Dioxano y La Salud

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online

Risk Assessment

English:  PDF | Read Online


Evaluación de Riesgos

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online

What are Hazardous Waste Landfills?

English:  PDF | Read Online


¿Que son los Residuos Peligrosos?

Spanish:  PDF | Read Online


For information on Arizona's water sources, drinking water regulations, and water testing and treatment options, click below to download a PDF:

Water Informational Materials

(Size: 23.4 MB)

Arizona Know your Water

A consumer's guide to water sources, quality, regulations, and home water treatment options (101-page booklet)


¿Conoces tu Agua Arizona?

(Size: 4.8 MB)

Arizona Well Owner's Guide to Water Supply

A well owner's guide to water sources, quality, regulations, maintenance, and home water treatment options(76-page booklet)

(Size: 486 KB)

Arsenic in drinking water: what you need to know

Information on testing and treating drinking water for arsenic (2-page handout)

Click here for a list of

Private Wells Publications

from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension











Well Water Videos

Well Water Testing

Arizona private well owners are responsible for their well water quality. This video shows where to collect water samples and describes the sample collection process in detail for the analysis of contaminants to ensure unbiased results.


Arizona Aquifers

About 5% of Arizona’s population depends on private wells for fresh water and more than 40% of our annual water use comes from Arizona’s aquifers. Following a brief introduction to regulations, requirements and equipment used for drilling a private well in Arizona, this video presents the geologic origins of Arizona’s aquifer materials with illustrations and pictures of AZ aquifers. Finally, aquifers are ranked by their ability to store and produce water.

Well Drilling and Pump Replacement

After an introduction to the regulatory requirements and forms needed to drill or deepen a private well in AZ, this video provides detailed descriptions of the well drilling process with close up views of a drill rig, well casing placement, and pump removal and replacement steps.

Well Components

Private well owners should also be familiar with above-ground well components for maintenance and emergency purposes. This video describes well components such as bladder tanks and pressure controls, their common locations and how to inspect them.












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