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The objective of the Training Core is to produce interdisciplinary graduates who are equipped to solve complex environmental hazardous waste problems. The theme of our education and training program is the detection, assessment, and amelioration of environmental pollution, especially with regard to the impact of environmental pollution on human health. The disciplines that we are targeting all fit under the broad auspice of Environmental Health and Science (an interdisciplinary approach to environmental research and education). SRP trainees will be educated in Environmental Health and Sciences by:

  • Taking courses in other disciplines.
  • Attending seminars outside of their respective disciplines.
  • Participating in a year-long Colloquium.
  • Participating in an annual intra-University meeting (Science Fair).
  • Attending at least one national SRP meeting during their training.

The complexities associated with environmental issues necessitate an interdisciplinary approach to investigation and problem solving. The most successful graduates will be those who have been educated in both the science and engineering aspects of environmental systems as well as those environmental health scientists who address the critical issues of public health.

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